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2016 Colorado Buffaloes Football Season Preview

Previewing the 2016 Colorado Buffaloes.

Phillip Lindsay ready to lead the Buffs to a bowl game

We talked to the tailback about the upcoming season.

Colorado Football: Staff Prediction Roundtable

The staff here at Ralphie Report share their thoughts for the season.

Best Case Scenario for 2016 Colorado Football

I let you down just to bring you back up. Kool-Aid for everybody

2016 Colorado Buffaloes: Worst Case Scenario

Here's what will happen if things go very, very bad.

Colorado Football: 2016 Buffaloes Schedule

CU’s schedule seems to set up well for the first time in years.

Colorado Football: 2016 Offensive Preview

Can the Buffaloes offense rebound from a disappointing 2015?

Colorado Football: 2016 Defense

Ralphie Report kicks off the season preview with a look at the Buffs' defense.