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Colorado is No. 5 in Pac-12 basketball media poll

The Buffs were No. 7 in 2015.

Pac-12 Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals - Colorado v California
“Get a load of these rankings!”
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Pac-12 men’s basketball media poll was released Friday. Colorado is ranked fifth in the writers’ accumulated projectioned Pac-12 standings. The full list:

  1. Oregon (23)
  2. Arizona (4)
  3. UCLA
  4. Cal
  5. Colorado
  6. Washington
  7. USC
  8. Utah
  9. Oregon State
  10. Stanford
  11. Arizona State
  12. Washington State

This list is short on surprises. Colorado’s spot is about where we expected them to be, considering Oregon and Arizona could be incredible and UCLA and Cal are always overhyped.

Of course, CU is the most experienced team in the country (the starters average 4.3 years of experience) and look to make these pre-season rankings look foolish.

Also, no one told us the Pac-12 was conducting a poll. Since they obviously want to silence our voice and our vote, we have Ralphie Report’s official Pac-12 rankings:

  1. Colorado
  2. Oregon
  3. Cal
  4. Washington
  5. Utah
  6. UCLA
  7. Oregon State
  8. Washington State
  9. USC
  10. Stanford
  11. Arizona State
  12. Arizona

Gonna be a fun year.