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Colorado Downed By USC 66-51

Kresl hits 1,000 point career mark

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Turnovers once again doomed Colorado to a 66-51 defeat at USC.  The Buff's 22 turnovers made it difficult for Colorado to get into an offensive groove.

Colorado lead 23-21 at the halftime break, but the Buffs got off to a poor start in the second half as USC went on 17-4 run.  The Trojans never relinquished the lead after their hot start to the second period.

The Buffaloes were able to build their lead in the first half with solid defense, but that crumbled as they allowed 45  points in the second half.

The game did mark a momentous occasion as Lexy Kresl was able to notch 1,000 points in her career.  She led the Buffs in scoring along with Jamee Swan who both scored 14.

The loss drops Linda Lappe's Buffs to 10-13 and 3-9 in Pac-12 play.  CU will look to right the ship when they take on Washington State and Washington at home.