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Buffaloes vs. Trojans - 11/13/15

Full coverage of the Colorado Buffaloes - USC Trojans football game in Boulder, Colorado on 11/13/15.

A tale of two halves: Trojans upend the Buffs

Colorado followed up a fantastic first half with an awful second.

Buffs vs. Trojans - Live Game Thread

Join us for the Colorado Buffaloes - USC Trojans game tonight at 7:00 p.m. MT in Boulder, Colorado.

Buffs vs. Trojans - Enemy intel and 3 key stats

Ralphie Report talked to Julian Lopez of Conquest Chronicles to preview the Trojans.

CU vs. USC & ISU: How to watch

Here's how to watch the action at home or on the go.

Buffs vs. Trojans: Keys to the Game

What will the Buffs need to do to send their seniors off with a colossal upset?

Featured Fanshot

Buffaloes release uniforms for Friday's USC black out game

Love the gif that was used in the announcement. I know they're not all black, but they're still going to look great.