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4 star athlete commits to the Buffs

Just get the weapons to Boulder and they’ll do the rest

Arizona v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Deion Sanders prefers to build through the portal, but Coach Prime always leaves room for the legitimate difference makers from the high school ranks. Last year, we saw players like Omarion Miller and Dylan Edwards come in and make an immediate impact on the offensive side of the ball. While those two are exciting pieces for next year, I expect Dre’lon Miller to outperform them both as a freshman.

Miller plays for Silsbee high school, just east of Houston. As you might guess, that territory is right in between Texas A&M and LSU, which were the favorites to land Dre’lon Miller until Coach Prime came along. Miller does a little bit of everything for his team, but he looks to factor in as a WR/RB offensive weapon in college.

Just have fun watching this, everyone:

So those highlights may remind you of a recent CU legend. When I watch Dre’lon move after the catch, he reminds me so much of Laviska Shenault. He’s thick, he’s balanced and he can run through or around anybody. Miller is just an absolute monster with the ball in his hands and he is comfortable in a few different spots on offense. I expect to see him a lot next year.

Welcome, Dre’lon!