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Early Signing Day 2021: Aaron Austin is a Buff!

The disruptive DL makes it official

USC v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Chris Wilson is only signing one high school defensive lineman for his unit on the Colorado Buffaloes. If you don’t have quantity, you better have quality, and Aaron Austin is a quality player. Everyone please welcome Aaron Austin to Boulder!

Austin is another Texas baller, which was a theme for the 2022 recruiting class. When he committed this summer, this is what we had to say about him:

The man with two first names hails from Fort Worth, Texas, and attends North Crowley High School. Austin is 6’2 and 240 pounds and plays on the edge of the defensive line. He has offers from Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas and a few other Power 5 offers.

His tape shows a frame that can easily put on weight. Austin has active hands and sheds blockers with ease at the high school level. Aaron holds a lot of weight in his legs and he constantly drives towards the ball. He doesn’t necessarily have Von Miller speed off the edge, but he plays more like hybrid defensive end or a 3-4 defensive end.

Austin put on some extra weight during his last year of school, but a bout with COVID-19 has dropped some of that off. Expect Aaron to need some time in the oven, like all good projects do.

Welcome, Aaron!