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Colorado Earns Commitment from North Carolina DB

The Buffs got in early

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrice Martin has had a better week than all of us. A short 5 months ago (oh my god February was 5 months ago, time is elastic), he was hired to bring some of his recruiting magic in Southern California to the Colorado Buffaloes. Well, the magic instead went to a Colorado connection (by way of Iowa) and now North Carolina. Martin went out to the East Coast and grabbed a fun prospect named Tyrin Taylor.

Taylor hails from Cornelius, North Carolina. To my knowledge, he will be the only Buff from Cornelius (if anyone knows the last Buff from North Carolina, feel free to yell at me). Tyrin attends William Amos Hough High School, the same school that Luke Maye of UNC fame attended. As a football player, Tyrin Taylor is kind of a late bloomer. He is still very skinny at a legit 6’2 and just above 170 pounds. Colorado held off a late offer from Virginia Tech to secure a commitment from Taylor.

He looks like a Demetrice Martin corner. Martin was known at UCLA for having aggressive corners that were extremely solid in run support. They may not get INTs, but they are comfortable at the line of scrimmage. The first two clips of Taylor’s highlight reel are impressive run plays where he beats the receiver and makes the tackle. He is consistently lock-step with the receiver and positions himself to deflect the ball or disrupt the pass-catcher. With his natural size and smooth athleticism, he is a boundary corner through and through.

Welcome, Tyrin!