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Massive California tackle pledges to the Colorado Buffaloes

The Buffs are getting bigger

Oregon State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Mel Tucker did not mince words when he took over as Colorado’s head coach. He wanted to make the Buffs bigger right away. He followed up on that pledge by signing five defensive linemen and a few more offensive linemen to boot. His plans didn’t end with the 2019 class. It’s hard to get more massive than Gerad Lichtenhan.

Lichtenhan is an interesting prospect. From Davis, California (home of UC Davis and therefore Dan Hawkins), Gerad has flown under the radar, which is hard to do at 6’8, 330 pounds. He only had an offer from Nevada before Chris Kapilovic chased him down. He has performed well at camps all throughout this recruiting cycle.

He’s easy to find in his clips. For reference, he’s the giant one. Gerad does a great job moving his feet and keeping his body on balance. As is natural for someone his age and weight, he could bend a little better and shed some pounds, but that’s what a college S&C program is for.

Welcome, Gerad!