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Early Signing Day 2020: Gerad Lichtenhan is a Colorado Buffalo!

The offensive lineman from California makes it official

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Look, who knows if Andre the Giant would have been a good football player. He had the size and athleticism, sure, but did he have the mentality or the foot speed? Who knows. It’s one life’s greatest questions that no one cares about. However, at Colorado Football, we may get close to the answer with Gerad Lichtenhan. The man is massive.

As we wrote when he committed, he is an under the radar recruit, partially because he doesn’t play in a talent hotbed. Gerad is from just outside of Sacramento, California, and plays for Davis Senior High School. Lichtenhan had offers from just about every regional program in California, but he has the building blocks to be something special. Gerad is gigantic, at 6’8 and over 320 pounds. That’s a lot of clay to mold.

Put on the tape, he is twice as big as everybody else he plays against. For how big he is, Lictenhan does a good job not relying on just his size. He has great foot speed and feels comfortable using his arms to keep people at bay. Give him time to bulk down and watch him work.