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Gargantuan California Defensive Tackle Commits to the Buffaloes

Another great commit, how does Mel Tucker do it

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, you need skill and luck. Luck can get you in the door, and skill can take you all the way home. Sometimes, to get a talented, great high schooler, someone else needs to have a historically successful season. It also helps when Mel Tucker is recruiting with you, not against you. Jordan Berry is another Tucker success story and a big win for the Colorado Buffaloes.

Berry is a defensive tackle who plays for Narbonne High School in Harbor City, California. He weighs in at the svelte number of 330 pounds and stands at a mere 6’3. This is a big boy. Berry is one of the best recruits in California this cycle. He had offers from LSU (where he was committed), Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, and USC. He is a big-time prospect.

Berry is a very polished defensive line prospect who should play early. Put the tape on and you see a player that already knows how to use leverage and pushes people around with active hands. His size obviously helps, but he doesn’t just rely on outsizing someone to win his matchups. With how much young depth CU relied on this year, Berry will get his shot when he steps on campus

Welcome, Jordan!