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Colorado Football National Signing Day: The Buffaloes added contributors

The Colorado staff searched far and wide for grit.

NCAA Football: Florida at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

That’s right boys, CU has some fireworks left! It’s not all reserved for Alabama or USC. THE BUFFS GOT SOME SWEET WALK-ONS, PUNTERS, AND WALK-ON PUNTERS. There are jokes, but a successful walk-on program is a necessity for a great team, and stability in special teams is so important. It’s not a stretch to say that all three players profiled would have been scholarship players just a few short years ago. Let’s start with my boy Sam Loy.

Sam Loy

Sit back, relax, and enjoy:

This is Alex Kinney’s replacement, and the stability he brings to the program is huge. Loy will sit out this year as a walk-on, and then start the next two years as a scholarship punter. He is already as successful as Kinney, and that was not at altitude. The coaching staff no longer has to spend time looking at punters in high school because they now have a solid starter.

Dustin Johnson

This is a fantastic walk-on pickup. An in-state player with an extremely productive career eschews some lower level offers in order to contribute for the Buffs. Johnson averaged about eight tackles a game as a safety, and he was fantastic on special teams. He could do the same thing at CU.

Jake Yurachek

This is a big one. Yuracheck dominated 6A Houston football as a LB, racking up close to 200 tackles and garnering all-county honors. He had offers from Navy and Air Force, which indicates discipline and smarts, and had plenty of offers at the FCS levels. But he made his choice:

His tape shows someone who can play at the PAC-12 level. He’s quick to the ball, closes well, and reads the play quick.

This is a really good start to the walk-on class this year. They are all able to contribute. Take that, USC.