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National Signing Day 2019: Joshia Davis is a Buffalo

The versatile RB from Denver signs on.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes have done a much better job in recent years of keeping top talent in state. A lot of the time, the top talent in-state plays at one of two schools - Cherry Creek High School and Valor Christian. Joshia Davis played at the latter, and he is one hell of a weapon for the Buffs.

Davis fortunately and unfortunately was not able to play much of his senior season. It is unfortunate because he is a special player and he deserves the chance to play as many games as possible. It’s fortunate because it made it a bit easier for Darian Hagan and the Buffs to hold on to Joshia. The 5’10, 190 pound running back lined up in the slot, out wide, and obviously in the backfield.

Davis is an all-around back, in terms of use and style. His tape shows a multi-tool that can break a defense. He makes people miss in the hole, runs through arm tackles, and beats defenders to the edge. Joshia will enroll early and has plenty of talent to play early.

Welcome, Joshia!