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Grad transfer TE joins the Colorado Buffaloes

An Auburn grad will help CU up front next year.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s 2018, and your Colorado Buffaloes can now conceivably run a two tight end offense and not skip a beat. Gary Barnett’s influence is radiating from the broadcasting booth. After losing Jared Poplawski before the season and Chris Bounds during the season, CU looked dangerously thin at the position. Then it struck somewhat unexpected gold with former walk-on Brady Russell. Brady is a fantastic blocker and a great possession receiver, and should play a lot for the Buffs next year.

However, it was still important to add depth and talent to the position and the offense at large. That’s where Jalen Harris comes in. After four years at AUburn with spot snaps and lots of blocking, Harris chose to grad transfer to Colorado. He chose the Buffs over Troy, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, and Georgia (presumably where the Colorado connection came from). Harris has four catches in four years at Auburn, though half of them are touchdowns. He is primarily used as a blocking weapon, but as we learned with Sean Irwin in 2016, that is often more important than the 3 yard out route.

On a higher level, the fact that Tucker pursued Harris, despite an established starter at TE, tells me that the Buffs are shifting to a more physical, run-oriented offense. With Jay Johnson, the new OC, well-versed in the pistol, it’s possible to have both TEs on the field at once with a pistol or even full house formation. More of that, please.

Welcome, Jalen!