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Jacob Callier signs with the Buffs!

The productive edge rusher makes it official

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

You know those guys best described as “football players”? They don’t wow you with athleticism or frame, but they just seem to make plays? For me, as a Chargers fan, this was Donnie Edwards. He was insanely productive at linebacker, despite being on the tail end of his career. He just had a great mind and motor, and also played behind Jamal Williams, which certainly helps. But anyways, Jacob Callier is one of those players. He’ll beat teams single-handedly after not showing up on the scouting report.

Callier played for St. John Bosco, a name that should be familiar to CU fans. Shay Fields is another St. John Bosco alum, and they consistently put out big time talent. They play in one of the toughest leagues in the country in Los Angeles County, and Callier was a stud on his defense. At 6’2 and 250 pounds, Callier’s measurables don’t jump at you, but his play will.

The first you notice is his motor. Callier never gives up on a play, and works himself into tackles that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. He’s quick off the snap and is able to engage the blockers before they are fully out of their stances. He just outworks everybody and gets to the ball quicker. He’s already filled out his frame plenty, but let him learn behind Derek McCartney and stay in that spot for next year.

Welcome, Jacob!