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Sebastian Olver Signs with the Buffs!

The versatile Cali athlete makes it official

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Football is a violent sport. It’s big people hitting big people a lot. To succeed consistently at football, you need big, violent people to play well. That’s what Sebastian Olver brings to the Buffaloes. The big man has only been playing football for a little more than two years, but in that short time he’s showed out enough to garner the attention of some big programs. From Australia to Boulder, Olver has been on a long journey and he’s just getting started.

Olver plays at Marin Catholic High School in California, outside of Oakland and San Francisco. He’s new to the game and the country, but he made a quick impact. Olver plays both sides of the ball and he had equal impact. At a cool 6’5 and 250 pounds, he has a versatile frame that can play all along the DL and at tight end.

Despite being inexperienced, he shows great football instincts. He doesn’t show many football moves, but he consistently wins battles with brute strength good agility. On offense, he shows speed and violence again. Olver plays downfield, one of my favorite traits in a player. Give him a few years to learn the game and put on weight, and he will emerge a beast.

Welcome, Sebastian!