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Chris Miller signs with the Buffs!

The speedy athlete makes it official

NCAA Football: Washington State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Texas continues to be a boon for the Buffs this cycle (and beyond), as Chris Miller is the type of situation that you can’t find anywhere else. Miller is as athletic as they come, and a good football player, too. 6’1, 170 pounds of pure athleticism, Miller makes plays on either side of the ball.

If he played in Colorado, or really anywhere else but 6A Texas football, he’s likely a blue chip recruit with offers from everybody. Instead, he got kind of caught in the wash and it took until January for other big time programs to notice. Not CU. The Buffs found him early and recruited often, and their work pays off as Miller gets to spend the next four or five years in Boulder and CU gets a playmaker.

His highlights are on both sides of the ball, but he will be playing defense for the Buffs. On either side, his natural ability is apparent. He has speed for days, and not just straight-line speed. His cuts are fast and he can accelerate quickly. On defense, he mirrors the receiver well and stay with just about anybody. Given that he plays both sides of the ball, his ball skills should be obvious. Sounds like a perfect recruit for MacIntyre to mold.