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Alex Fontenot Signs with the Buffs!

The Texas RB makes it official

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re seeing a theme that some of these signings are BIG, you’re right. If you think that this class may SPUR some conference championships, you’re hopefully right. Alright, I’m out of Texas puns. Yes, a lot of this class is from the Lone Star, which usually equates to success for the Buffaloes of Colorado. Add Alex Fontenot to the list of prospects from Texas that everyone should be excited about. He is a smooth runner who never seems to take much punishment and always seems to get yards that aren’t there.

Fontenot hails from George Ranch High School, just outside of Houston. A Darian Hagan recruit, Fontenot had a quiet recruitment, largely because he didn’t try to seek out attention. As a junior, he split time with a big time four star TCU signee, which helped hide him from colleges, but CU found him and they are lucky they did.

Boy, he’s smooth. Fontenot has good speed, good size, and good strength, but he has some special wiggle. If you watch those runs where he bursts through the line of scrimmage in the second level, his footwork is special. There were many times when a linebacker had him locked down, and Fontenot angles his body or takes a nice jump cut and bounces off the tackle or makes him miss altogether. With a short running back depth chart to go through, Fontenot has a chance for early impact.

Welcome, Alex!