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Early Signing Period 2018: Daniel Arias is Officially a Colorado Buffalo

The gargantuan WR makes it official.

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you ask me, big receivers are great receivers, especially in college. They just increase the margin of error. Now, big, fast receivers are the best receivers. Daniel Arias is a big, fast receiver.

Arias is the only Class of 2018 member from Washington, but he is worth the entire state. He plays at Bothell High School, and he is an absolute stud. He is their best WR and DB, but he will play wideout for the Buffs. Arias is a national recruit, and CU is a great fit for the big receiver.

He is shown to be a really polished WR. Daniel Arias is really smooth getting in and out of his routes for someone so big, and he runs cleanly. This shouldn’t mask the fact that he is huge out there. At 6’3 and around 200 pounds, he towers over a lot of his competition, and will do the same in college. That alone isn’t enough to win at the next level, which is where his polish and speed come into play. He can outrun many of the smaller DBs he will go up against, and his routes guarantee some separation. Coach Chev does it again.

Welcome, Daniel!