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Early Signing Period 2018: Delrick Abrams is Officially a Colorado Buffalo!

The long CB makes it official.

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

COACH. MACINTYRE. BLUEPRINT. We all know what that looks like now. Long, lean, and physical at CB. Well, Delrick Abrams may be the most talented player to fit that type yet.

Abrams comes to CU from Independence Community College, adding to the strong backbone of JuCo players in this class. For those that don’t know (I didn’t until about 30 minutes ago), ICC is a powerhouse, and they frequently put out multiple Power 5 players. Good place to get a guy from. Abrams has three years to play two, and he spent most of his sophomore season doing nothing. Because no one would throw the ball near him.

I don’t know if we’ve ever seen someone quite like Delrick during Coach Mac’s coaching tenure. Yes, he is still long, lean, and mean, but he’s more physical than Witherspoon or Oliver was coming in. Look at these tackles. He is not afraid to mix it up. He still plays well in coverage, and his speed allows him to recover well, but he may be a plus on the edge against the run. Expect him to compete for a starting job immediately.

Welcome, Delrick!