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National Signing Day: Everyone Should be Excited About Davis Webb

The Buffs' newest QB should get Buff Nation pumped.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Y'know, back when Davis Webb announced his intention to transfer out of Texas Tech, CU was just coming off a bad basketball loss and I was feeling extra snarky, so I posted these tweets.

At the time, it seemed silly to expect that Davis Webb would come to Boulder. He had has pick of the litter for P5 teams that just lost a quarterback. The Auburn speculation was the loudest, but A&M and even Alabama were being thrown around. Why would he consider little old CU? Because a WR coach from the school he just transferred out of came to Boulder and he wanted to start? Well, as it turns out, yes. Coach Chev had a bigger pull than any of us anticipated, and Webb saw that a team on the rise with an injured starter might give him just the opportunity he needed. All of us fans had read how great of a teammate he is, but would we ever get to see that? Even if he did come here, wouldn't he just treat it as a one-year draft prep? Then this happened.

As a one year transfer, he was helping recruit for his team. That's when I realized that CU stumbled on something special. Even if we just had him for a year, and he was just in Boulder for that long, Webb was already trying to make the Buffs as good as possible for that year. He displayed leadership, passion, and excitement to be part of the Buffs. He has the stats, he has the talent, AND he has the attitude? No wonder Kliff Kingsbury said that he would be a draft pick. The signing day surprises may steal some thunder away from Webb and the other commits, but Webb helped bring them here and he'll help them succeed while they're here. He said in this interview with Buffzone that he wants his new teammates to experience a bowl game and he believes he can make that happen. Well, I believe so, too. CU is ready to get back to relevance, and Webb is ready to help take us there.

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