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Buffaloes 2015 Recruiting Class Rankings

The Buffs sit at the bottom of the conference but some services had them above Oregon State.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Not many people expected the 2015 recruiting class of the Colorado Buffaloes to skyrocket up the conference rankings but it is a bit disappointing to see the Buffs once again sitting at the bottom. 247Sports creates composite rankings that pull together the scores from all the major recruiting services to get a nice average picture of where the truth may lie.

While the Buffs finished last they were very close behind Oregon State and actually have more players at every level. When looking at the rankings Colorado also seems very similar to Washington State and Arizona, only falling behind because of the size of the class.

Next year won't provide much relief as the Buffaloes class is expected to be tiny, but it will be nice to hopefully see Colorado inch up these rankings over the next few seasons.