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What new verbal commit Tim Lynott bring to the Buffaloes

A look at just how big CU's newest commitment is.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

On the afternoon of June 28th, Buffs fans received the best news they could hope for. Tim Lynott, the high rated guard out of Regis Jesuit, committed to the CU football program. His pledge to Coach MacIntyre represents a stepping stone towards bigger and brighter things for the program.

In-State Dominance

The decision by Lynott to stay at home is the 5th time in the last two cycles that Coach Mac has succeeded in keeping Colorado linemen in-state. He is closing the border much faster and more effectively than Embree or Hawkins did. Not counting the hogs up front, he also has 5 more Colorado kids setting up shop in Boulder. Simply put, Coach Mac is showing through his commitment to keep talent in-state. He has two of the top five Colorado prep stars on lockdown, and another one may be on the way with Frank Umu. Lynott sends a message loud and clear that the new CU football program is not to be trifled with. No more defections to Kansas State, or, God forbid, ASU. With Tim Lynott, the new era of in-state dominance is officially ushered in.

Recruiting at a Higher Level

Tim Lynott is a high 3 star to 4 star, depending on who you ask. ESPN rates him (and the rest of our class) the highest, saying he is one of the top 300 recruits in the country. To be blunt, he is the highest level recruit Coach Mac has recruited since his time in Boulder. With offers from Colorado, ASU, CSU, Kansas State, Miami, Nevada, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah State, Washington State, and Wyoming, his offer list is at once extensive and impressive. Not only does this show the national attention he deserved, it shows that Coach Mac's interest is warranted. Most importantly, it shows that we are winning battles and recruiting at a higher level. When was the last time we won a meaningful battle against Oregon, or ASU for that matter? Lynott is a testament to HCMM's dedication and persistence on the recruiting trail. There is no way a program with our recent history sniffs a player like Lynott without a great staff and a little bit of luck,. This staff is making Colorado into a Pac-12 caliber program, one recruit at a time. Last cycle, their eye for talent stood out, churning out lightly recruited players like Addison Gillam, Michael Adkins, Chidobie Awuzie, and Tedric Thompson. This cycle, they are are stepping up the level of recruits being offered. While they're are still hidden gems (hopefully) like Montez, Lynott is proof that this staff is ready to get CU back to national relevance, one recruit at a time.

A Great Football Player

Finally, and most importantly, Tim Lynott brings Tim Lynott. He has great leverage, often getting under the opponent's pads, resulting in the brilliant pancakes you can see here. He plays with a mean streak, and emulates my favorite lineman D.J. Fluker by finishing his blocks. He played right tackle for Regis, but will be moving to guard his senior year. This gives him an extra year to pick up the nuances of the position early before he comes up to CU. His strength is run blocking, but luckily pass blocking for a guard is much easier than tackle. Also, when you watch the highlights, his burst off the snap sticks out, as he often gets his hands on the player before they are fully out of their stance. This leads to greater leverage and push, and they go down early. I would prefer if he had a redshirt for the Buffaloes, more for the implications that it carries rather than his personal benefit. If he could wait a year, that would mean CU has actual depth on the O-line, and good depth at that. However, I think he is fully capable of getting playing time as a true freshman. While we are all excited about this commit, no one is more excited than Steven Montez and Cade Aspay, who will have a chance to play with him for a long time. The Buffaloes are starting to roll in recruiting, as the lynchpin for the class is secured. Tim Lynott is more than just the highest rated kid in the 2015 class, he represents the return of in-state dominance for CU, as well as the hope for a return to national recruiting at a high (or at least adequate) level. Congratulations to Tim, and, as always, Go Buffs.