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Dezmin Reed: The Next Buffalo in the 2015 Class?

An interview with Dezmin Reed, an exciting LB recruit out of Georgia.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

This week, I decided to be a little more adventurous, so I contacted a few prospects that have shown interest in CU for a quick Q&A. I started with JUCO Georgia Military College linebacker Dezmin Reed (Rivals profile), as he has shown the Buff faithful a lot of love over the past month or so and seems to be genuinely interested heading to Boulder.

His highlights are pretty impressive, and I was impressed by his aggressiveness and his ability to defend the read option, which both translate well to his new MLB position, if he stays there. He closes on the ball quickly with his athleticism and instincts, and he helps shore up the complete hellhole that was CU defending the read option last year (we're gunning for you, Arizona). Another thing to note is how well he plants his foot when he changes directions. He seems to have fluid hips and is very adept at recovery due to his change-of-direction speed. Below is a little Q&A.

Q (Me): Who all is showing interest in you other than the Buffs?

A (Mr. Reed): Tennessee State, South Alabama, UAB, Marshall, and Utah State.

Q: What do you like about CU?

A: I love the excitement the coaches have... the way they talk about CU really excite(s) me and it might be the place I need to be. They definitely have the upper hand right now since they were the first one to offer.

Q: Alright one last real question.. What would you bring to the Buffs?

A: I will have to say my southern style of play. Mean, tuff, and physical style, I can run with the best of them and I give great effort. I never give up on a play and I can make my teammates better on the field and off the field.

And now the most important question of all...

Q: Would you rather fight a giant snake or a giant spider?

A: It would have to be a spider. I think I'll have a better chance winning with a spider lol

He seems like a very driven recruit, and with the way that this staff can scout for talent, I would love to have him on board. 247 Sports has Georgia giving him interest as well, but take it from the horse's mouth. Reed would be a terrific addition to an already stacked front-seven in this class. He also hopes to visit Colorado soon, per his Twitter. The 2015 recruiting class is shaping up to be a good one, folks. Reed will have three years to play two.

Next week (hopefully), I will have some more interviews up on the site, and I am taking suggestions for a new/better "would you rather" question to ask in the comments below. Go Buffs!