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San Jose Cornerback Chidobe Awuzie To Make College Decision Saturday

The three-star cornerback has received interest from Colorado, San Jose State, Washington State, Oregon State, and Wisconsin amongst others.

The following is a story by Adam Munsterteiger of Buff Stampede.

Chidobe Awuzie described his week as "busy and confusing" when caught up with him late Tuesday night.

The three-star prospect from San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove hosted an in-home visit with Washington State head coach Mike Leach on Monday night and two Colorado assistants stopped by Tuesday.

"I actually committed to Washington State on Monday night, but I felt pressured into the situation," explained Awuzie, a 6-foot-0, 188-pound cornerback. "Everybody told me not to feel pressured into a situation, but then I forgot everything I was taught during this recruiting process and I committed on the spot. But I called Washington State back the next day and told them that I want to de-commit.

"Washington State was telling me that now is the time and that they only have one spot left and if I didn't take it they were going to go to another guy. I didn't know whether Washington State was the right choice, but at the time, I felt all sorts of pressure on my back. I didn't handle it right initially but then I solved it the next morning and hopefully they can get another recruit they want."

Awuzie said his in-home visit with Colorado cornerbacks Andy La Russa and safeties coach Charles Clark on Tuesday went "great".

"I felt real comfortable talking to them," Awuzie said. "I can see the human side of them. It is not just football and I see if I go there, they will take care of me. I really respect those two coaches. I have known them for a while now. They told me a lot of information just about life and the recruiting process itself, not just necessarily about their college. They are trying to help me as a person. They showed me some defensive back drills in the house, so they are really looking out for me.

"I like the way Colorado is. They said they wouldn't pressure me. They want me to make a comfortable decision. They understand. They said they are still with me to the end and that really makes me feel comfortable about making a solid decision on Saturday. If I didn't know any better, I would have committed to Colorado, too, but I want to make my decision on Saturday."

Awuzie plans to decide between Colorado, San Jose State and Washington State. He also received late interest from Wisconsin and Oregon State.

"The reason I am going to commit on Saturday is because there are no more in-home visits and no more calls after that so I can just make a decision and it will be the right one because I know there is no more time where I will get more info," Awuzie said. "I am going to make it under-the-radar and then on national signing day my school has a ceremony at lunch and I am going to announce.

"I am probably going to have hats up. I am not going to tell anybody where I commit on Saturday so I am going to have the three schools of choice in there and pick one and let everybody get excited. My family and the people I love will be there so it will be a great feeling."

Awuzie was quick to add that while he wants to enjoy a signing day announcement, the recruiting process has not given him a big head.

"I am still the same person I was before all this," Awuzie said. "This is what every football player wishes for and I got it. I got to see the fun side of recruiting and the stressful side of it. It was a good experience but honestly, I am ready to end this recruiting process and go play some football. At the end of the day, that is all I care about."

A two-way starter at running back and defensive back, and also a kickoff and punt returner, Awuzie helped Oak Grove to 10 wins in 2012. He accounted for 1,742 yards and 21 touchdowns on offense, while recording 69 tackles, four interceptions and two caused fumbles on defense.

"I am really competitive and I feel like I am smarter than a lot of corners," Awuzie said. "I make great decisions. I can see things and I key on a receiver's tendencies and adjust during the game. I am fast and athletic. I like to get in there. I will hit a lineman and I will hit a fullback, so I am physical, too."

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