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REPORTS: Colorado moving to the Big 12

actually, I love truck stops

NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game
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If you missed the fresh hell that the Colorado Buffaloes went through in 2011, then you’re in luck. Throw away that “I hate Utah” banner (lol) and the “Duck Oregon” shirt, we’re back to good old-fashioned Big 8 Hate and a tall glass of tepid milk for the Provo teetotalers.

Colorado, after being linked to movement for months and months, appear to finally be making a move back to a new look Big 12. This conference, now led by Brett Yormark, is up to 12 members: Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, Kansas, West Virgina, Houston, Cincinnati, BYU and UCF. This new coalition signed a new media deal worth around $30 million per school, which is a number that many pegged the Pac-12 efforts to as a number to beat. Apparently, they did not beat it, so CU is in the enviable position of choosing the best option for them. I, for one, doubt they are making this move alone. I would expect at least one other member of the Four Corners Schools (Arizona, ASU and Utah) to jump with CU.

Regardless, there are obviously a lot of impacts to this move. #1, CU is back into Texas in a big way. For the moment, this has to make Deion Sanders happy. #2, this has a chance to the best basketball league in the country. #3, it’s a shame that the Pac-12 was driven into the ground for many reasons. I don’t think it can survive in any state after this.

We will watch and read the reports along with you, but for now, we are back in Big 12 country!