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Buffs start strong and collapse against #7 UCLA

CU needs to figure out how to keep the ball

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at UCLA Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

TURNOVERS TURNOVERS TURNOVERS. It appears to matter if the Colorado Buffaloes do not in fact end up taking a shot on offense. The Buffs once again had a good team in Los Angeles on the ropes, but this time the UCLA Bruins ended up walking away with the win.

Within the confines of LA, the Buffs have committed 42 turnovers in the last two days. That just won’t get it done on the road. CU started out strong against UCLA, taking a slight lead into halftime and gleefully partaking in this rock fight. Jaime Jacquez took OVER for UCLA in the first half and kept them in the game for most of the first 20 minutes. Lawson Lovering played great on defense and continued his improvement on the offensive side of the ball as well. Javon Ruffin’s clutch minutes and some nice shots from Tristan Da Silva let CU keep a halftime lead of 3, 31-28.

Then the second half came. Oh god. UCLA came out with hair on fire, started making threes, and didn’t look back. An ending run of 31-11 gave UCLA complete control of the game, 68 - 54.