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Colorado Basketball completely implodes and loses to Utah

This is uhhhhhhhhhhh very bad

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

# CU - Utah Recap

Colorado Basketball decided to have a little leather with their lunch on Saturday as they squared off against Utah in Boulder. In their second straight home game, after a win against Washington State, the Buffs lost in devastating fashion, 77-74

The first half was 20 minutes of runs between both teams. CU started off scorching from three, with eleven threes in the first half. After a questionable flagrant call against McKinley Wright and two fouls on D’shawn Schwartz, Utah went on an extended run to close the half. Timmy Allen was his normal crafty self, and freshman big Pelle Larson played some huge minutes for Utah. Maddox Daniels hit some big shots to keep the Buffs ahead, and in the end some timely threes and tough interior play put the Buffs ahead 43-36 at half.

The second half was a game of runs that ultimately ended in drama and defeat. Alfonzo Plummer for Utah, a streaky scorer off the bench, decided to streak. Plummer was scoreless in the second half and exploded for 23 points in the second. At the same time, CU was sluggish and couldn’t score for stretches at a time. This team, supposedly built on defense and rebounding, could get neither when it counted, and they paid for it.

It’s hard to overstate how not OK this loss is. CU cannot lose at home, and CANNOT lose at home like this. If CU is trying to be an upper-half tournament team, which they should be, this is not acceptable and absolutely drags down their resume. This team needs to find itself, and quick.