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Lazar Nikolic leaves Colorado Buffaloes basketball

Nikolic is going to go get paid.

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We knew something was coming. When the Buffaloes signed Shane Gatling last week, that made 14 scholarships players for next year. Something had to give. Well, this afternoon, the domino fell.

Lazar Nikolic is going to get paid to play basketball. After one season in Boulder, he is going back across the pond. This is a bittersweet departure. Nikolic was full of potential, and it was clear that Tad Boyle loved coaching him. He had rare defensive versatility and skill, and his offensive game was developing. Lazar just played hard and seemed to be a great teammate. That’s the bitter part.

The sweet part is that it’s always great to see someone in the program move on to play basketball for money. Whether it be in the NBA or overseas, he’s doing what he loves and is going to be compensated well to do it. Anytime a Buff gets to do that, it’s cause for celebration and even helps with recruiting.

Lazar, we barely knew ye, but good luck!