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Buffaloes forward Evan Battey suffers medical emergency

Battey is recovering after a yet undiagnosed affliction.


Evan Battey is recovering from a medical emergency he suffered over Winter Break. According to Pat Rooney of, “Battey is going through a number of medical tests to determine if he suffered a type of stroke, seizure, or some other affliction.”

Per Rooney’s article, Battey attended the Buffs’ game against USC Wednesday and was still having problems with nerves in his face. It’s relatively good news that those nerve problems were the only symptom noted in the report, hopefully the only issue Battey is suffering. Battey is still at home in Villa Park, California, but he is planning on returning to Boulder when classes resume on Tuesday. Hopefully whatever ailment Battey had will be diagnosed and he can soon recover and continue with life as usual. Whatever happens with that, his long-term health comes before basketball.

Battey is a freshman redshirting this season after the NCAA ruled him academically ineligible because he repeated the 9th grade. Battey was also ineligible as a high school senior for the same issue, so he hasn’t played in a game in nearly two years. Battey is an exceptional player at the power forward position and he is essential in the future of Colorado basketball. If and when he’s able to suit up, his impact will be immeasurable on and off the court.

Battey deserves nothing but the best, but he has had to endure more adversity than most have to deal with in their entire lives. Hopefully he will fully recover and grow into an even better person, which seems impossible, but nothing is for him.