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BREAKING NEWS: Tad Boyle has Twitter account

The head basketball coach finally joined the worst website on the Internet.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We tend to forget about basketball this time of year. With football and school right around the corner, August is a time of restless anticipation, a time to dream of the impossible. Will Colorado win the College Football Playoff? No, but it’s technically possible. Will I get straight A’s this semester? No, but it’s technically possible.

But this August, our impossible dreams of yesterday have flourished into realization. Tad Boyle has created a Twitter account.

Tad Boyle’s account can be found at the handle @CoachTadBoyle. He’s not verified on Twitter yet, so there comes an added risk and suspense in following the account. Is the account authentic? It appears to be. Does it look authentic only because someone is trying to set you up to troll you later on? Perhaps. (Watch out for the mischievous Tory Miller on this one.)

Boyle’s bio on Twitter is absolutely flawless:

Head Coach @CUBuffsMBB. Seven straight post season appearances, four NBA draft picks, 2012 Pac-12 Champs. Husband. Father. Son. Ping Pong Aficionado.

You can feel his resentment towards the people in the #FireTad contingent of the Internet. He’s been to the post-season every year he’s been at CU (plus making the NCAA Tournament at Northern Colorado), even though one of those probably shouldn’t count because the Buffs were 16-16 and got bounced in the second round of the CBI in 2015. Unless the post-season appearances he’s counting are Pac-12 Tournament appearances.

Boyle would also like to point out his success with developing players into NBA Draft prospects, as he can claim Alec Burks, André Roberson, Spencer Dinwiddie and Derrick White as his own. Heck yes, brag about the 2012 Pac-12 Championship, which is probably the most important victory CU basketball has had since the 1970s. And sure, let everyone know you’re a husband, father and son. Throw in that ping pong part just give everyone a sense of mysterious into the legend of Tad Boyle.

Boyle’s first tweet was also notable:

This is so ambiguous, I love it. Who’s under construction? Tory Miller’s jump shot or Baseline Road? Where is the town the guys are back in? (Why didn’t he say “the boys are back in town”?) If they’re just now back in Boulder, have they practiced enough to be #Italyready? (I love this hashtag and I will use for now on whatever the situation. I grab my backpack and go to class, #Italyready. I brush my teeth, put on my jammies and go to bed, #Italyready.)

I’m even more curious to see what kind of an account this will turn into. Will he Tweet out inspiration quotes or moving Bible verses? Will he continue Tweeting ambiguous half-sentences with random hashtags? Will he turn into Dad Boyle and tweet about how proud he is of his players? The intrigue is there, we’ll just have to find out in due time.