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Chauncey Billups reportedly turns down offer from Cleveland Cavaliers

Billups was expected to become the Cavs’ next President of Basketball Operations.

Detroit Pistons v Orlando Magic, Game 3

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (he of the Woj bomb), Chauncey Billups turned down a front office position with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The job he was reportedly offered was President of Basketball Operations, which means he would have been the top executive in the Cav’s well-regarded front office.

The reason Billups turned down the offer is, according to Chris Haynes and Marc J. Spears of ESPN, is that the Cavs lowballed him. The position Billups was offered usually carries a salary of $4 million, but Billups was offered a salary of $1.5 million. Billups is one of the best minds in basketball and is currently a TNT analyst, so this below-market offer was certainly unexpected.

This could be a blessing in disguise for Billups. The Cavs are in a tough spot, as they’re to build a team to contend with the Golden State Warriors, and are doing so with LeBron James, who’s set to be a free agent in 2018, having (passive-aggressive) disputes with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Billups doesn’t have any front office experience, and though Cleveland has a solid staff that could help ease his transition, this would be a tough spot for the Buffs legend to step in.

Billups has long expressed interest in taking his talents to an NBA front office and he’s apparently turned down a handful of coaching and executives offers in the past. For someone as revered in the league as Billups, it makes sense for him to wait for the right job. Time will tell when Billups represents the Buffs from a front office position, but this shows that he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity.