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Read: The Ringer on Derrick White

Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer wrote a superb piece on the Colorado guard.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

If it feels more and more likely that Derrick White will be selected in the first round in the 2017 NBA Draft on Thursday, June 22. Every piece written by the national media about White only adds to that feeling.

White was incredible in his one season with the Buffs, but he seemed mostly overlooked until late. White has since been shooting up draft boards throughout the draft process and the national media (finally) started paying attention to him in May. Today, The Ringer published an article today from the brilliant Jonathan Tjarks titled “Every NBA Team Could Use Derrick White.”

Tjarks profiles White’s unique route the NBA — White will be the first former Division-2 player in the NBA since the legendary Ben Wallace — his season with the Buffs, his profile, and how he fits in the modern NBA. In short, Tjarks compares White to C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers, a deadly all-around offensive threat as a combo guard. Tjarks writes that like McCollum, White’s offensive versatility makes him an ideal fit for basically any team, because in the modern NBA, anyone who can score and create in the pick-and-roll can thrive in the league.

Most profiles of White will say he’s not the most athletic and his defense comes and goes, but Tjarks takes his time praising those aspects of White’s game. He discusses that White is sneaky great as shot blocker — he had the same block rate as potential first round big man Bam Adebayo — and he’s underrated as a perimeter defender.

You should take the time to that article and read what one of the best writers in the game has to say about one of the best guards in the draft.