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Coors Event Center Adds Scoreboards

The picture used for this article will change next year

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Coors Event Center has always had a rustic charm that befits its status as an older Pac-12 arena. Ceiling-hung basketball hoops, an old-school concourse, and minimal box seats or club seats make it an authentic college basketball experience. Well, one more reminder that Coors is experienced is gone this summer. The two video screens on either corner are now supplemental, as the Buffs are adding a center-hung scoreboard.

According to the release put out by the official CU website, “The system, which will be installed this spring and summer, will include almost 700 square feet of 6 millimeter digital high definition LED boards and state-of-the-art video processing and graphic interfacing capabilities.” That’s a pretty big screen that should fit right in. This only became recently possible due to the upgrade in sound system and the weight reductions of modern video technology. It’s a big step forward in Coors as an Event Center rather than just a basketball arena. It’s feasible now that Coors hosts more concerts or events centered around the middle of the court. At a capacity of about 11,000, CEC is a fantastic middle ground between Folsom Field concerts and the smaller arenas around Boulder. That’s additional revenue that the Buffs can almost get for free. The boards will be installed this summer.