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Bryce Peters leaving Colorado basketball

The lightning-quick freshman will look for greener pastures.

Legends Classic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

One of the more expected offseason moves broke today, with another, slightly less expected move breaking with it. Thomas Akyazili, who saw his minutes decrease as his shooting got colder, is leaving the program. In a slight twist, freshman guard Bryce Peters is also leaving the program.

Bryce Peters’ departure had nothing to do with on-court performance. In fact, his minutes were increasing all year, as well as his quality of play. Much like Akyazili, Peters’ energy was infectious and he always seemed willing to step into the moment. During the Colorado State game, for example, Peters was visibly trying to motivate his teammates to be better than their lackluster performance.

Unfortunately for Peters and for the Buffs, his decisions off the court got him suspended three times, and presumably led to his departure, at least partially. This comes as a bit of a surprise, given how much promise he showed in his one year here and the opportunity for minutes he had next year, but it seems like he needed a change of scenery.

Peters will be missed and we wish him luck wherever he decides to transfer to. Tad Boyle and the coaching staff will now be searching for potential replacements, of which they will likely target graduate and JUCO transfers. We’ll try to keep everyone updated as such.