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Tory Miller trolls fans on April Fool’s Day

Miller played the joke on Twitter.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Tory Miller is known as much for his jokes as he is for his thunderous dunks. Miller played an April Fool’s Day joke on Twitter that scared just about everyone on Buffs Twitter — except us at the Ralphie Report, because Tory has trolled us before and we learned our lesson.

When all of basketball media was on Twitter during the Gonzaga-South Carolina Final Four game, Tory dropped this tweet:

Miller is expected to be one of Colorado’s best players next season, so if he were to transfer, the Buffs would suffer a serious blow. Some members of CU media reacted to this “news”:

It should be noted that a couple of the finest in CU media warned everyone of Tory’s presumed intentions:

Stay sharp, everyone. Watch out for Tory Miller trying to troll you.