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The Buffs fail to anchovie victory, come out of Arizona oven 82-73

The Buffs come up empty in the desert.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everybody! This is Jack Barsch, filling in for Sam Metivier in this game recap. While not as entertaining, it is available fresh and ready after the game. Yes, I am insinuating that Sam is like Pizza Hut and I am like Little Ceaser’s. Sounds about right.

Speaking of hot pizza, the Buffaloes starting out hot, throwing four out of their first five pies from deep in the bucket. Colorado started the game on a 10-1 run, which gave way to an extended 30 minute or less run where the Wildcats scored more than double the toppings of our beloved Tad Boyle-led squad. CU struggled with foul trouble, with two of the three rotation bigs, Wesley Gordon and Tory Miller garlic knotted up on the bench with two fouls and three fouls, respectively. George King and Xavier Johnson put in some great first-half minutes, driving aggressively and shooting well. Their aggression kept the game relatively close, saving the team’s canadian bacon. However, the Buffs entered halftime down 12, 39-27.

The second half started with a quick 7 slice run for the Wildcats and the Buffs went as cold as a two-liter soda from the floor. Colorado also couldn’t quite stop Arizona, who got great contributions from Dusan Ristic and Kadeem Allen. Colorado went on a 8-0 run midway through the second half. CU pushed near the end of regulation, but by then the Domino’s had fallen. This game had a familiar taste to CU fans. Arizona outshot the Buffs from the 3 point line, 57% to 31% and CU had 4 more turnovers than the Wildcats (15 to 11). However, some positive news, CU outrebounded Arizona by six pepperonis. Colorado NEEDS to get better at tossing pies in from deep.The Buffs will have to regroup at home against checks schedule two of the best teams in the conference. It will be hard for the Buffs to deliver. Tad Boyle will need to roll out the air bubbles in the dough of this team, because right now it’s see ya, pizza.