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The stakes are extra high for Colorado vs. Oregon State

A Twitter bet between Ralphie Report and Building the Dam has transpired.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is a weird place. Like, super weird. Like, the weirdest place people have ever created for themselves.

In that weird place, Ralphie Report (@RalphieReport) has recently had some fun with Oregon State’s SB Nation community, Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam). As both the Buffs and Beavers have floundered to a combined 0-14 start, we’ve been there to make fun of each other in order to feel better about ourselves and our favorite teams (Twitter in a nutshell). All that fun has led up to now, and the two of us have made a bet on the outcome of tonight’s Colorado-Oregon State game.

If Colorado wins (they’re 18-point favorites), Building the Dam has to change their Twitter avatar to this until the next game, Upset Gary Payton (photoshop by Jack Barsch):

And if Colorado loses (a nightmare that would be), we have to change our avi to this:

This bet is super dumb, but it makes this game a little more exciting.