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Tre'Shaun Fletcher Finds New Home in Toledo

The forever Buff has found a home for his senior year.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tre'Shaun Fletcher, the swing wing with the sweet stroke, decided to transfer from Colorado for his last season of eligibility, presumably to gain more guaranteed minutes. Well, he found a new home:

I've made my love for Tre's game no secret. He was a smoothly athletic slasher from the wing and he had a sweet stroke. Fletcher was also one of the most versatile defenders on the team, and one of the most tenacious. He could defend positions 2-4 easily and he had the quick hands and instincts to jump the passing lanes. I never thought he had his fair share of minutes, partly due to his foul trouble and mostly due to my large bias towards him.

This transfer makes sense for Tre. The wing position next year has quite the logjam on their hands. With Derrick White, George King, Josh Fortune, and Xavier Johnson all vying for significant (read: starter) minutes, someone was going to get left out, and rather than ride the pine, Fletcher decided to seek opportunity elsewhere, and who can blame him? Certainly not I. Tre'Shaun will sit one year and play one year for Toledo. We will wish Tre'Shaun Fletcher all the best for the rest of his career, and he will always be a Buff!