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Let's Talk About Tad Boyle

If you don't catch on to the sarcasm, I'm probably making fun of you in particular.

Tad Boyle is also confused why he has a job.
Tad Boyle is also confused why he has a job.
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Oh boy, am I angry about how disappointing the Buffs basketball team has been under Tad Boyle. I have a whopping seven seasons worth of coaching from my couch, so I know a thing or two about coaching. I know when a coach is doing a poor job. I know when a coach should be fired.

1.) Tad Boyle has only won 130 games instead of 135

Tad Boyle's team in the 2010-11 season should have made the NCAA Tournament. Yes, I know he was a new coach playing against coaching icons like Rick Barnes and Frank Heath (they are truly remarkable), but he had future NBA players on that team! A team with André Roberson, Cory Higgins and Alec Burks is too talented to not make the Big Dance. If Boyle would've won one more game that year, they would've made it.

That 2011-12 was truly exceptional, but it was wasted by Tad Boyle only winning one game over the 6-seed UNLV Rebels. If Boyle was a decent coach, they would have beaten the 3-seed Baylor Bears.

Similarly, the 2012-13 was simply too good to lose to a solid Illinois team in the first round. If Boyle was a better coach, Spencer Dinwiddie and Askia Booker wouldn't have shot a combined 6 of 22 from the field.

Tad Boyle is obviously to blame for the team not re-cooping after Dinwiddie tore his ACL during the 2013-14 season. A loss to Pitt in the tournament was even more evidence that he's not suited for Colorado basketball.

The 2014-15 season is forgivable. Shit happens.

The 2015-16 team overachieved all year and pulled off stunning victories over the Oregon Ducks and Arizona Wildcats, but when they received an absolutely brutal draw against the red-hot Huskies, a real coach would have made sure Josh Fortune didn't get stripped of the ball in the final minute.

2.) Colorado players have been injured and I don't know who else to blame

One could argue that Colorado struggled in the Pac-12 tournament (which resulted in getting a relatively poor seed in the Big Dance) because Roberson contracted mononucleosis and was forced to sit. A better coach would have kept his players in Gyllenhaal-esque bubbles to avoid that stuff.

Shit happened in the 2014-15 season, but the chronic back problems Josh Scott was unable to play through could have been mitigated by Tad Boyle's locker presence, if he had any at all. Jeff Bzdelik would have cured that pain with a 10-second massage, he's that gifted.

The 2015-16 only overachieved because Xavier Johnson, their second best player heading into the season, tore his Achilles tendon in June. I'm no doctor, but I know coaches should have an idea of how Achilles tendons are torn in the first place. A coach who doesn't know that and doesn't protect his players from them should be fired.

3.) Tad Boyle hasn't recruited Colorado's top prospects

The state of Colorado has long been a recruiting hotbed for the powerhouse schools. NBA legends like Lou Amundson and Jason Smith hail from the state, but they went to UNLV and Colorado State, disrespectfully. Colorado has only managed to recruit Chauncey Billups, who is completely overrated, in my opinion.

It doesn't matter that the Buffs had four Coloradans in their starting lineup to end the season; Tad Boyle is only getting the worst prospects who only go to Boulder because of the location and because it's the only team to offer them scholarships. Why do you think Josh Scott only received one scholarship offer?

Just in the past three years, Boyle has missed on chances to recruit Eric Garcia of Grandview and Josh Perkins of Regis Jesuit, just to name two. Garcia has gone on to star for the powerhouse Terriers of Wofford while Perkins has found a home in the Gonzaga starting lineup. If Boyle doesn't want to be fired, he needs to recruit the best of Colorado.

4.) Jeff Bzdelik is available

After a slightly disappointing run at Wake Forest (I blame Al-Farouq Aminu for leaving), the legendary Colorado coach Jeff Bzdelik is currently looking for a coaching gig. Say what you want about him, but he is a truly exceptional coach who did terrific things at Colorado. He could return the Buffs to their glory days.

Hey, if Bzdelik doesn't want to come back or he's simply not your cup of tea, that's fine too. Ricardo Patton is also available.

5.) Tad Boyle lives in Longmont

/drops mic