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The Tournament Offers Reunion of Buffs Basketball Alums

We have the opportunity to see a whole bunch of Colorado alumni playing basketball together again in a massive tournament. Do not squander it.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

There is, my fellow fans, a way to see the Buffs of lore team up once again on the hardwood. This opportunity would be realized with ESPN coverage of the The Basketball Tournament, "an open-application, five-on-five, single elimination, winner-take-all basketball tournament."

There are 97 teams attempting to take part, some alumni teams like the Buffs and some like The Global Select, who recruited random players with no direct affiliation with each other. Of the notable alumni teams will be Syracuse, Virginia, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Indiana and Xavier (feature recent star Matt Stainbrook, who you need to see play some time in your life). The Colorado Buffs Alumni, as they will be called in this competition, are already signed up with a full roster. The Buffs roster is nostalgic of both the Big XII struggles and the 2012 Pac-12 Champs.

The full roster:

Jeremy Adams, 2011-13

Sabatino Chen, 2011-13

Austin Dufault, 2008-12

Beau Gamble, 2012-14

Marcus Hall, 2004-08

Marcus King-Stockton, 2004-08

Marcus Relphorde, 2009-11

Dwight Thorne II, 2007-10

If you want to see Sabatino and Dufault play together, become a Fan of them on this TBT website. They're currently eligible because they now have the required 100 votes, but the more they get from here on out the higher the seed they can be. Here's a step by step guide of how to do your in part in making the Buffs a high seed in the tournament:

  1. Go this link:

  2. Click the giant orange block titled "Become A Fan & Vote For This Team".

  3. Create an account.

  4. Confirm your account on your email.

  5. Go back to the Colorado Buffs Alumni page.

  6. Click on the "View Your Dashboard" tab at the green bar on the top of the page.

  7. Recruit more fans with email, Facebook and Twitter.