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Colorado Embarrassed By Arizona, 82-54

Boyle: "I'm tired of this."

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona outclassed Colorado in virtually every facet one basketball team can outclass another in an 82-54 victory.

"It's February the 26th, and we're not executing offensively, we're not doing the things we're supposed to do, we're not making plays, and we haven't gotten any better," said head coach Tad Boyle.

There was no deciding run, no breakaway stretch for the Wildcats Thursday night. Arizona simply consistently displayed their superiority for 40 minutes, never letting Colorado establish momentum.

Two main first half miscues kept Colorado from making Thursday night's game interesting. Colorado did a nice job getting to the charity stripe in the first half (10 attempts), but only converted four free throws. Arizona guard Gabe York - Arizona's sharpshooting sixth man -  got loose in the first half, going 3-of-3 on three wide-open attempts in the first half.

Had Colorado been able to simply identify personnel and hit free throws, their 12-point first half deficit could have been a lot more manageable.

CU never cut the Wildcats' lead to single digits in the second half. Both teams sat their starters down the stretch, leading to a sloppy final few minutes.

Despite Arizona's mercy, the game didn't end without some fireworks. With 1:32 remaining, Boyle picked up his first technical foul of the season on a seemingly innocuous no-call.

"I just felt like that was a foul on the baseline drive, Dustin (Thomas) got body-checked," said Boyle. "Sometimes officials can check out, and I wanted to make they knew we weren't checking out, we didn't expect them to check out. I probably deserved the T."

"I'm tired of this. I want our players to know it, I want our fans to know it, and I want the officials to know it. I want to fight somebody, I mean I want to fight somebody right now, I really do. But I know you can't do that, I'm not going to do that in the locker room. I'm sick of the way we're playing."

Colorado wraps up the home portion of the regular season on Sunday night against Arizona State.