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Sources reporting Spencer Dinwiddie maybe considering possibly entering the NBA Draft

So what you're telling me is there's really no new information?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't an April Fools Day joke yet it kind of is... ESPN's Jeff Goodman recently tweeted a story claiming that injured Buffaloes guard Spencer Dinwiddie is leaning heavily towards leaving for the NBA Draft. Goodman cites "multiple sources" in making the claim and includes a quote from an anonymous NBA general manager.

"I don't think his stock changes," one NBA general manager said. "Guys come back from torn ACLs all the time -- and it's not as if he was super-athletic."

Goodman later goes on to describe Dinwiddie not returning to Colorado as a "significant blow" to a Buffs squad that returns the rest of it's starting lineup (and all of the players that started a huge chunk of the season in Spencer's absence).

Look, if you've been holding out (serious) hope that Dinwiddie returns next season then you haven't been paying enough attention. Sure, I'd love to see him back in Boulder but his heart is in the NBA and he's earned his chance to make his dream a reality. With his size and skill odds are that the injury didn't significantly hurt his stock and he should go ahead and go.

As far as the Buffaloes go, this team certainly isn't expecting to see Dinwiddie back next season and it definitely won't be a significant blow. Having him back with this young team would be a huge boon for Boyle's squad but the rest of the roster earned some valuable experience in his absence and they have two talented players joining the team next fall (Dom Collier and Tory Miller). With or without the point guard's return Colorado will be one of the best teams in the conference.

Dinwiddie has stated multiple times that he will make a decision prior to the deadline so hopefully we don't have to wait too long to know with 100% certainty.