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Animal Style Goes Pro, Roberson to Thunder

In what was largely a surprise, Andre Roberson was selected 26th overall in the first round of the NBA Draft.


Andre was projected by everyone somewhere between the early second round to undrafted, so it came as something of a surprise that he was chosen 26th overall. After a pinball game of trades, Roberson will end up with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What is clear is that Andre can bring defense, rebounding, and athleticism to the squad as he continues to grow his offensive game without having to pretend to care about history classes. We'll have more as things develop, Go Buffs! Hell, with the way this draft has gone, maybe Chen goes late in the second.

UPDATE: Andre will receive a 2 year guaranteed contract with an additional 2 years of team options. The 26th pick is slotted at almost $1.9 million for those 2 years, and he can receive up to 120% of that (which is extremely common). His third year is slotted at $1,009,000 and his fourth year at $1.8 million. That kind of scratch can buy a lot of Whataburger. What's ironic is that any scoffed at Dre's decision to enter the draft, saying that he'll likely end up overseas or in the D League. Well, based on the recent history of the Thunder, he'll likely start in the D League anyway. He'll just be a lot more financially stable than most of his teammates.

UPDATE 2: Here's a video interview Andre did with Craig Sager. He still says "you know" a whole lot: