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Andre Roberson Delays NBA Draft Decision

Could the press conference cancellation mean Roberson had a change of heart?

Stephen Dunn

Yesterday, it was announced that Buffaloes junior forward Andre Roberson would be holding a press conference to announce his decision on whether or not he would be heading to the NBA Draft a year early. This morning, the university issued a release saying the conference had been cancelled with no plans to reschedule in the works. So what changed last night?

Well, odds are that the press conference was scheduled to announce his intention to declare. It's rare to see that action taken by a player who intends to return to school. Apparently Andre may have had a conversation with Tad Boyle and Mike Bohn last night, and it stands to reason that if that meeting took place, he may have left more undecided than he came in. This is all conjecture, but it certainly stands to reason.

Either way, the clock is ticking and a choice will have to be made very soon. Andre has until Sunday night, at 9:59 MT, to declare for the draft, if he intends to. So we will know soon. If he does declare, odds are he will be drafted in the second round and will start his career in the D-League. However, if he returns, it is unlikely that his stock will change that much from what it is now. If he does return, expect the Buffs to start the season ranked in the top 20 of both major polls.