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Colorado Buffaloes Land 5 Star

Tad Boyle, you magnificent son of a bitch

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve poured out so many words about how much I love Tad Boyle. You know, I know it, he probably knows it at this point. Tad Boyle is the greatest basketball coach in Colorado Buffaloes history, and we are all watching the prime years of the program. SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, 12 years in, he has unlocked a new gear. Folks, get very excited about the future. Cody Williams is a Buff.

Cody Williams, on paper, is the best recruit Boyle has ever signed. A near-unanimous 5 star, he has plenty of hype behind him. Williams has an older brother, Jalen Williams, that just happened to be a lottery pick last year. He was also recruited by the Buffs and Mike Rohn, which helped with the familiarity here. Cody plays in Phoenix, Arizona for Perry High School, which is a basketball powerhouse. He can play 1 through 5 in high school, but he often finds himself with the ball in his hands as a lead guard. Of course, as such a highly-rated recruit, almost anyone would accept his commitment, but it came down to Arizona, USC, LSU and CU near the end. Luckily for us, it appears that Tad’s developmental skills and honest approach to everything has paid off.

Now, as to why Williams is so exciting. There are potentially two faults to his game - his shot isn’t great and his effort can wane from time to time. That’s it. That’s the list. He is LEGIT. Williams can dribble and distribute at an elite level for his 6’8 frame. His length is borderline disgusting and his natural athleticism means that he can get to anywhere on the court. His finishing in traffic is already next level. He has a craft left hand that uses his length to score buckets that shouldn’t be possible. Williams can guard 1-4 in college, and can likely play 1-4 in college as well. He’s long, skilled, athletic and still evolving as a player. It’s hard to create a player in a lob more suited to Tad Boyle’s coaching and system. He will be asked to defend and to rebound, but he also offers an offensive game akin to Xavier Johnson mixed with a little bit of Jaron Hopkins (this is not a good comp).

This is a big day for the future of the program. Add Williams to Courtney Anderson and one more potential recruit, and the future is bright.

Welcome, Cody!