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Colorado high school star commits to Buffaloes Basketball

Tad Boyle got a smooth in-state athlete

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Colorado
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tad Boyle has been head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes basketball team since 2010. You can count on one hand, and maybe even only two fingers, the number of Colorado players that he’s missed on. If there is a P5 player in Colorado, Tad Boyle will get him on the Buffs. That’s how it goes. It looks like the next player on that list is Julian Hammond.

Hammond is an interesting athlete. He plays at Cherry Creek High School, a top program in the state. He plays quarterback for the Bruins as well, and is a semi-P5 prospect as a dual-threat QB. However, he plans to focus on basketball in college, and is a three-star prospect on the hardwood as well. It’s hard to find a legit offer list for him on the court, but pretty much every regional school was interested.

Hammond is not an explosive athletic player, but that’s not to say he isn’t extremely athletic. He has complete coordination and body control, and at 6’3, he has a big frame for a point guard. He stays grounded, balanced, and at a comfortable tempo. He has long arms, and as a natural point guard, he’s comfortable running the offense. However, his most elite skill is shooting. On volume and efficiency, Hammond is the best shooter in the state. His form is clean, quick, and repeatable. I would expect Hammond to take over the role that Shane Gatling occupied for two years, with a more consistent offensive output from long range (hopefully).

Welcome, Julian!