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Local basketball star commits to 2020

Tad is getting a shooter

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tad Boyle has been evolving as a head coach. He’s experimenting with zone (how scandalous that sounds), recruiting more offensive oriented players, and even riding the hot hand at times.

But some things never change. Tad Boyle will always get the best player in Colorado and Tad Boyle guards with size. Luke O’Brien happens to check both boxes. The offensive powerhouse from Columbine High School is a junior right now, meaning he won’t get to Boulder until 2020. But it’s never too early to lock down a huge Colorado product.

O’Brien has nice size for a two guard at about 6’6. He is supremely skinny, but he has a year and a half before he gets to CU, so I’m not too worried about that. Luke has a few things that you love to see this early. He has a quick, consistent release and he has a lot of touch. O’Brien scores in ways that don’t require athleticism or size, which is good because those are the advantages that get taken away quickly in college basketball. He has a smooth, clean stroke that is repeatable. More importantly, when he drives to the basket, he is already adept at finishing at weird angles and weird times. he is never going to be the fastest guy on the court, so that is important for him to get his shots.

This is a great start to the 2020 class for the Buffs. Welcome, Luke!