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Colorado Basketball Recruiting: Daylen Kountz Signs with the Buffs

Tad Boyle knows what he likes

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tad Boyle is spending 2017 going back to his roots. He’s treating Year 8 as Year 1. This is apparent on the court, as defense and rebounding are emphasized more than ever. But perhaps no recruit embodies the Tad Boyle player more than Daylen Kountz.




Kountz, an incoming college freshman, hails from Denver East High School, the same school as Dom Collier. Kountz has been in the spotlight for a while, and he is arguably the most high profile recruit in the state. Almost every area program offered him, as well as Rutgers, and he has camped well in bigger circuits. So, what makes Daylen so good?

Kountz is a classic Tad Boyle wing. His left-handed, off-kilter drives will remind some of Xavier Johnson (lefty), and his smooth handle and cuts off the wing reminds me of Treshaun Fletcher (lefty). He is an off-ball guard primarily, and is much better when cutting off the ball than handling it himself. On defense, he plays bigger than his slight frame, and his long wingspan makes his 6’4 seem a little longer. In short, Kountz is a smooth, athletic slasher on offense who can put up a quick shot but excels when he gets people off-balance.

Welcome, Daylen!