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Buffaloes land a big man

The Rivals150 skilled big joins the Buffs' 2016 class.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been made of the transfers that Tad Boyle has been going after, and for good reason. Jimmy Whitt would be an exciting get, and he would add a lot of athleticism. But let's not forget about the players we don't have to wait a year for. Lucas Siewert, a highly-ranked big out of California by way of Brazil, has reportedly joined CU's team for next year.

Siewert is exactly what the team was missing. After losing Josh Scott, there was a need for a skilled big that could make moves around the basket. Gordon is a defensive tyrant and has some skill, but doesn't quite have the back to the basket game needed next year. Siewert is comfortable in the post, and immediately adds another good passer to the rotation. His shot is the prettiest of the bigs as well, and he can stretch the defense. A classic inside-out big man. Siewert also adds value by the way of class balance. There is now an underclassman big on the team, something that seems like a major hole in the roster. Gordon is a 5th year senior, Miller a junior, and XJ (who will play the 4 spot next year) also on his fifth year. There needed to be some young blood up front, and now the Buffs have found a highly-ranked, skilled big. Masterful work, Tad. Welcome to the Buffs, Lucas!