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New Year’s Resolutions for the Buffaloes in 2024

Here’s what we hope to see this year.

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

January 1st is the most exciting shitty day of the year. Who even cares that you paid 80$ for sliders, that was last year’s problem! Today’s a clean slate! Nothing will go wrong.

It’s a day for lofty promises without the consequence of having to keep them, and it’s so, so special. We’re all idea people today. That includes Coach Prime, who almost certainly doesn’t need my help with grand ideas. But what is blogging if not basically just shouting unsolicited suggestions into the void?

Announce Coordinators?

It couldn’t hurt. And it’s not even like the Buffs are pressed for time yet, but if we’re setting realistic goals, hiring a replacement for both Sean Lewis and now Charles Kelly seems as good a place to start as any. Neither departure was all that surprising, given that Kelly got a chance to go coach at his alma mater and Lewis was, uh, not coming back. And maybe Kelly’s is slightly more surprising, but ultimately, after 12 games of that defense, you sorta get why Coach Prime “is always for his coaches making the moves they feel are best for their careers and their family.”

Maybe everyone’s just waiting for [sigh] Alabama to win the National title before magically announcing the decisions they definitely only just now made, but it’ll be interesting to see what the timeline looks like for those hires. Twitter will obviously love candidate names, but the type of search this ends up being feels interesting in its own way. The OC job is the high profile gig, but the defense has plenty of talent and the recruiting classes are only getting, to some degree or another, stronger. Plus, Scheme Fit Discourse is the perfect way to waste time in the dreary winter months.

Bring Back The Gold Helmet-Black Jersey combo

You have to admit that the Buffs probably would have won 2-3 extra games this year if they wore this combo more often. They did have some others hits – the all-whites vs TCU – and some misses – all-grays vs USC, the mostly-grays vs Arizona – the latter of which is especially infuriating because the gold-black combo is right there, whenever you want it. There’s a reason the CSU game was the most memorable of the year.

Get the running back room figured out

Anthony Hankerson hopped in the transfer portal, and running backs are only going to be so involved in an offense with Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, but I still refuse to believe there isn’t a bigger role out there for this group of running backs. Both Dylan Edwards and Sy’veon Wilkerson both had their moments last year, and even without knowing how hockey-shifting the offensive line for a second straight will go, the talent will be better. Especially if the Jordan Seaton Prophecy is correct, even halfway-competent play from the rest of the offensive line will create a world of opportunities that the offense never even realistically had last year. It’s fun to watch Sanders go into Brady Mode, but it sure would be nice if he didn’t have to against, like, Cal.

Single-handedly save the Pac-12

It’s lofty. I can admit that. And also not his job. But I’m simply not ready for road games in West Virginia and Oklahoma. That’s not to say they won’t be fun to watch, but I’m just used to a very specific Pac-12 experience that I fear morning kickoffs in central Florida won’t be able to replicate. What’s the marine layer like in Kansas? Do we call it Big-12 After Dark? Someone tell me it’ll be okay.